This website is dedicated as a portfolio for Test shoots for models  


UK Based Photographer

Telephone      07711222861

Abroad          +447711222861

Name             Brian Povlsen

Address         Borough, London UK



Fine Art:



Brian Povlsen is a London based Photographer who has been working in the fashion business now for over twenty odd years in front of the camera as a fashion and commercial model all over the world and has been honored to work with many of our worlds famous photographers in his time. Brian Povlsen now works on both sides of the camera still as a model but now also as a photographer taking his skills forward from being the subject to capturing the his subject. Brian Povlsen has worked in many areas of photography, photographing weddings, corporate business events and social gatherings etc. but is more connected to the fashion and commercial end of photography since his many years as a model and his ongoing connections with the industry. Brian still enjoys doing test shoots for his fellow models and friends as much as he enjoys making his clients happy in the commercial and fashion end. He is a very open-minded photographer that believes there is always something new to learn within photography and new ways of capturing a subject, and very much believes what makes a beautiful, powerful or phenomenal image is very much so in the eye of the beholder whose views are very individual in how they see there world and life, which makes Brian a very versatile photographer working with a wide area of subjects and is not afraid testing photographic outer boundaries. As much as Brian Povlsen is a follower and works with modern media, his love for photography is still connected with analogue film and traditional old school cameras and filming and very much enjoys landscape, fine art and street photography.

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